About Us Lords

Houslords is a collective perspective brand, we are multi-versal-interdimensional quantum beings. Devine Temples of shadow light creating our own worlds. Transcending beyond boundaries, reality, time, and space. We are our own homes, gems, starships, portals, spirit vessels, multi fields of mind-thought space.

We are second nature to Gods motion. We are piece of pie; Rise and expand with God as the universal within. We are of everything within source intelligence to infinitely reflect any expressed conscious. Because here... energy can be creative, transformed or destroyed.

As Houslords, there are many versions of you. you have the power be anything whoever and whatever nature you want to resonate with. You are the environment connected with self. This is your domain, build your kingdom, change your reality, experience endless possibilities. Our goal is to empower you to become the multi-dimensional God-Angel you were always meant to be, raising your awareness field second to Gods awareness field. 



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